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How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does a Tulsa Bankruptcy Cost?

Filing for Bankruptcy is generally very affordable considering your alternatives. The ballpark estimate is around $1500. This can vary some from attorney to attorney. You should defiantly call your Tulsa Bankruptcy attorney and ask how much they charge for a bankruptcy. There is a generally a $338 fee that is required by the Courts. Most attorneys will just include this in as part of their fee.

What Does It Include?

The attorneys fee for bankruptcy will include everything that is involved in the process. This includes things such as communicating with you through email, phone and text. It will also include all of the time they have to spend filing the paperwork for your bankruptcy.

Payment Plan

Most attorneys are willing to work with you regarding a payment plan if you do not have the full amount on you for the bankruptcy.All they ask is that you pay the most you can up front and then pay the rest of it off later. Some attorneys will not file your paperwork unless you have paid a majority of the fee. Others are much more gracious and are willing to start filing once you have paid what you have on you. It is important that you work out the details of your payment plan with your attorney so they can start filing your case as soon as possible.

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